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Unethical Conduct in Family Ct. (Class Action)
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Date of posting: 2008-05-19 11:14:19
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Description: California Placer County Family Court Commissioner Dirk Amara denied me outside mediation.

I had requested to seek outside mediation after receiving a report from mediator Dr. James E.Brentt stating that I would have to attend one year of anger managerment.

California Family Laws states that a mediator cannot make any recommendation without interviewing that individual.

I filed a complaint against mediator Dr. James E. Brentt with Placer County Family Direxctor Amy Rudd.

I filed a complaint against Commissioner Dirk Amara with Placer County Presiding Judge.

Commmissioner Dirk Amara slander me in his response letter to Presiding Judge Frances Kearney.

Commissioner Dirk Amara lied about the contents in mediator Dr. James E. Brentt mediation report. He lied on Dr. Brentt as well as lying about my reason for not attending mediation.

Commissioner Dirk Amara and mediator Dr. James E. Brentt recommended that I have 16 hours a week with our minor child.

They based their recommendations because our child paternal grandmother smoke and drinks. Therefore, Commissioner Dirk Amara made a recommmendation that our child cannot be in the care of his paternal grandmother.

Commissioner Dirk Amara disqualified himself after he made his recommendations, stating that I believe I could not recieve a fair hearing.

Could I file a civil lawsuit for "intent to inflict emotional harm" and "violation of my child, my mother and my civil rights?".
Zipcode: 95301
City: Atwater
State: California


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Ellen 1 year, 1 month ago

Any good attorney's that fight back? Mine looks at me with dollar signs. I had to go through a trial but thank goodness the judge saw through it all and deemed that my husband had engaged in domestic violence. But, the mediator is hell bent against me still. I have no criminial record, etc. but my husband does.... and I'm the bad one. I NEED A REALLY GOOD ATTORNEY TO FIGHT THE MEDIATOR REPORT.

dede 1 year, 11 months ago

I have been dealing with amara for 4 years now letting my ex get away with murder married 23 years and husband ran out on me and my 2 boys with our 15g income tax check cleaned out chking svngs credit cards vehicles house were all in his name only....it took 7 mos to get a dime from my ex as power cable phones water were all shut off and house went in forclosure....amara ordered my ex to catch house up and not drink alcohol ect my ex has never followed a single court order amara never once MADE him...so I have lost our home of 18 years and have been to mediation 5 times and still nothing is being done except I finally got a job and my ex who makes 57hr is trying to get child support from me .....and custody based on the fact have no home...amara let my ex keep the 15g income tax and cash out my half of retirement 25g and lose 80g in equity in my home not to mention chcking and svngs that were cleared out when he left...it has been an absolute nightmare.....I have had cps called 13 times...drug tested....classes...trying to get my 1 son who is 9 now my opther son is now 19 so he is not an issue anymore....amara has fucked up the due process so bad and pretty much ruined my life with his misconduct and if you try to say that in court you will be sternly talked to and its a joke!!!!! I have a couple of other people that have recently came to me and complained so the class action suit sounds perfect im in.....my email is rockndrummerchik@gmail.com please contact me asap.

jessica 3 years, 6 months ago

placer county courts put me in the room with my abuser the first court date even with a domestic violence restraining order, I was made to take anger management and pay 435$ for it with no evidence I even needed it, I have a clean criminal record, I am 5,7 and 115 lbs and my ex is 300 lbs and 6 foot tall. I had custody taken from me at one point for not complying and taking anger management. NO ONE BELIEVED ME! Now my ex is in jail for beating up his pregnant girlfriend and gun and narcotic charges. After I have had to pay 5.000$ for an attourney 435$ for anger management and I have been diagnosed with ptsd and had to be put on medication just to deal with the stress of having to face my abuser everyday since I left him. I was neglectful if I stayed in the violence as my daughter witnessed it all, I tried to get help and I was treated like a criminal. HE didn't have to pay a dime, and was given visitation. C.P.S won't even listen to me, Im always veiwed as the scorned ex.. I want to sue this county for my legal fees and for the trauma they have put my daughter through, I could have made this easier on her had someone listened to me. Dirk amara, Amy Rudd, Chris trejo, and Christine taylor brown are all who are responsible for this.

Allen 3 years, 10 months ago

My oldest daughter (16) lives with me, Mother gets every other weekend. My youngest lives with Mother, I get every other weekend. We have 50/50 custody and equal parenting time. After being ordered to pay $528-/mo. to mother I had $75-/week for groceries after bills were paid. Mother quit her job and Commisioner Amara awarded her an extra $418-/mo. for a total of $946-/mo. I have to use my credit card to put gas in my car and can hardly afford groceries. How am I supposed to support the daughter that lives with me. FYI, mom lives with her mother rent, utilities, groceries are free. She got her old job back and works 6.5hrs/week. Maybe I should report Amara to CPS for trying to starve my daughter.

MP 4 years, 5 months ago

Here is another thing you can do. Somewhere along the line, they asked you to sign a statement agreeing that the case be heard by a commissioner. I'd suggest that you will never do that and if you've already done so, tell the court that you would like to rescind the consent because it was not given knowingly and intelligently. State that you have been denied opportunity to be heard and that you would like the hearing officer to be directly accountable to the Commission for Judicial Performance instead of the local court.

MP 4 years, 5 months ago

If you feel that you've been denied due process, contact me at placercourtelection@gmail.com. I'm thinking about filing a class action lawsuit in the federal court. If not we can organize a panel of ethical judges in the next election. Right now the judges pretty much won be default.

Ryan 7 years, 6 months ago

I have been trapped in a living hell by PLACER COUNTY family court system.I have four little girls, and I have not seen or heard from them in 7 months now.The mother found out I had a new girlfriend,after a year and a half since we split.Well I have not recieved a fair hearing,or the chance to present the truth all very well documented.The order was made final, before the hearing is even over by AMARA.The minors are being neglected and injured by the mother,1/2 thick of reports.I am not allowed to cross examine,present witnesses,ex-parte,or ask for relief. I am so tired of hitting my head going nowhere,the mediator has broken 7 rules of conduct,I have filed two grevience's but get nowhere.God someone help me and my babies, we are good people but poor. This still does not mean the rich can beat us down and violate all that our brave young soldiers are spilling blood for right?

David Oliver 8 years, 2 months ago

Sarah, you are correct. Our judicial system is a joke, it is based on individual character. Therfore, it is subject to corruption. However, I had established a papertrail for three years and basically set these people up to fall on their own sword. Soon, they will realize that they have went up against a very intelligent criminal as well. We have u-tube, blog, tweeter, and many other media avenues to use to get our message out. I am video taping my story in front of placer county courthouse with picket signs that have the names of the judges involved. People like this susan lady who stated "sucking up" are our weakness. We need people to stand up and fight for their rights, not coward up. President Obama made a common about african-amercian men stepping up. I am a man of color and I am going to use his words to force him to take action. Soon, everyone can read my court documents via internet, I have place the information on power point. When a family law attorney refused $5,000.00 because of the prejudice involve in my case, there is something awfully wrong. He recommended that I persue this matter in civl court. Eventually we have to fight for change and it takes one person to lead the way. Well now the people have that person in me, no man or woman will harm my child or children.

sarah 8 years, 2 months ago

You are dealing with a very powerful and corrupt money making machine. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that our constitution, our civil rights are denied blatantly by the people we put into these powerful positions on a daily basis. Good luck. The best solution I can see is to expose them as much as you can to a large audience.

David Oliver 8 years, 2 months ago

Susan, Dr. Brentt submitted an addendum to his report. In California, it is against the Cal. Family law to make a recommendation without interviewing the individual. The problem with "sucking up" will not prevent judges from acting in an unethical manner. However if you stated "-ucking up" then that would prevent them from acting in that manner. Honestly. do you agree with such judicial misconduct. They are harming innocent children and until that happen to your child, you have no clue of the emotional strain.

susan 9 years, 3 months ago

you have no case. I would suggets "sucking up" and doing everything they recommend- attending anger management never hurt anybody. Yes, they can recommend anger management for you without meeting you if they relied on other competent evidence.

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