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School bullying

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Date of posting: 2015-02-05 23:39:13
Page Views: 1995
Dispute with: A Government Organization
Amount: I just want Justice
Description: A new student arrived at our school about a month ago.he had prior problems of bullying at his previous school. The kid has caused quite ruckus in our small school.he has threatened to cut another child's throat over my daughter. He stalks my daughter sends notes calls just general harassment in and out of school.the kid has also physically/verbally harassed other students. Concerned parents have approached me as I confronted the kid in front of his parents and have now been charged. The school refused to acknowledge the problem immediately and has done nothing continually allowing this kid to harm his much smaller counterparts. The school does not havepolicy in place to deal with this type of situation .it has caused undue harm and stress to my children and us as each day represents anew challenge. There are other families that have been targetd by this kid and the school refuses to address the problem. Each day we live in fear as to what is going to happen next. These 3 families are looking for legal representation .
Zipcode: 12847
State: New York


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