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Ebay Overcharging Fees (Class Action)
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Date of posting: 2015-03-31 22:33:13
Page Views: 2137
Dispute with: A Business, Company, or Store
Amount: $1,001 to $10,000
Description: Hello

I found Ebay overcharging on a popular category. Called Asst.; guy said I was correct, but needed to talk to manager. Got back on the phone, said some crap like manager says it falls in category of "other" or something that was complete nonsense. Then the guy I talked to said he would have the wording changed on the website listing pricing fees because it was misleading, i.e., they were overcharging. Starting in the end of November, sent 2 letters to Ebay headwaters detailing everything. No response. Called support again. A gentleman named Austin G. told me to send letters to him and he would get them to management. He gave me case number and said just email or call him and he will do everything he could. Heard nothing back, emailed hum; no response. Called and left a message for him. No response. Email and called again- NO RESPONSE. If they admit they were charging me too much, they are opening up an expensive can of worms, so they are ignoring me hoping I will go away. This could be HUGE money if it goes class action. This company need to be held accountable for its actions! I can send me letter that details prices/charges to anyone who can help. My fees are probably the $1000 to 10, 000, but for all Ebay members, MILLIONS if not more, and they were charging everyone incorrectly!!!
Zipcode: 98520
State: Washington


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