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Critically Important (Class Action)
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Date of posting: 2015-02-10 04:11:07
Page Views: 3414
Dispute with: A Government Organization
Amount: Over $100,000

I’m an unemployed retired disable combat veteran who volunteered for - and served in support of - EVERY major conflict the U.S. has been involved in for the past 50 years.

In 2010, I was RECALLED. In 2012, SERGIO MENDEZ, Esq. filed a Complaint for Partition concerning Dad’s house – and followed it with a “Not on Active Duty” Affidavit & Motion for Default.

After re-retiring, I REMOVE the case to Federal Court.

Judge SIGLER IGNORED the removal, continued to hold hearings and taxed ALL my inherence from the forced house sale to MENDEZ – and ISRAEL REYES, the former judge she appointed Special Magistrate to JUST sign the contract in PLACE of me and close the sale – and ordered I pay him the remaining unpaid sum of $3,266 (REYES’ award: $21,000).

All SIGLER’S post-removal hearings and orders are UNLAWFUL - and I ignore them.

District Judge LENARD and Magistrate Judge O’SULLIVAN, inter alia, REFUSE (surreptitiously of course) to affirmatively acknowledge my active duty service – despite the MANY substantiating documents attached to my Notice of Removal.

Why? To AVOID complying with 28 U.S.C. § 1442a that gives sued servicemembers the EXPLICIT RIGHT to effect removal.

Despite the record showing active duty – AND proof of a false affidavit, a federal crime – LENARD remands the case.

I APPEAL. FIVE appellate judges REFUSE to affirmatively acknowledge I served on active duty – after ALSO receiving substantial, substantiating documents – and DENY me the RIGHT to an appeal.

HOW? They cite “28 U.S.C. § 1447(c)(d)” - but REFUSE to quote it.

Instead, they DIG until they find Alvarez v. Uniroyal Tire Co., 508 F.3d 639, 641 – where court ERRED by quoting the 1st half of §1447(d) as a COMPLETE sentence by substituting a period in place of a comma – and CITE it as reason for the denial.

They HIDE “… , except an order remanding a case to the State court from which it was removed pursuant to section 1442 [and § 1442a] or 1443 of this title shall be reviewable by appeal or otherwise.”

CASES: Federal appellate (13-12424-F); District (13-cv-21177-JAL); Circuit (12-12413-CA-42); State appellate (3DCA: 09-3164; 09-1308; 09-2201; 09-2544; 11-2771; 12-2507 & 12-2865); Probate (08-704-MH; 08-1496-GD-3; 11-2053-CP-03).

In ALL case records there’s NO AFFIRMATIVE ALLEGATION OR SHOWING that I’ve done ANYTHING legally or morally wrong!

REYES seeks to UP his award to $34,000+ – and SIGLER sees a chance to NULLIFY the removal via case law – but ONLY if they can force me to PARTICIPATE in state proceedings. I REFUSE. I’m ARRESTED and SIGLER ordered I be JAILED indefinitely.

After suffering incommunicado for 3 DAYS IN JAIL (solitary administrative lockdown) I was brought before SIGLER again.

Under duress, I partially fill out their “fact information sheet.” I’m given 30 days (Feb. 21) to submit a complete form. I’ve no doubt SIGLER will jail me AGAIN when I don’t comply.


Ralph Irwin
Major, USAF (Ret.)
27331 SW 164 Ave
Homestead, FL 33031
Zipcode: 33031
City: Homestead
State: Florida


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