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Professor failed me

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Date of posting: 2014-12-21 09:29:17
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Dispute with: A Government Organization
Amount: I just want Justice
Description: To whom it may concern,

I had the opportunity to go through a dental hygiene program this past semester. My grades were very good, except for this one professor. She did not like me. I could tell from day one. Every time I asked a question, she would roll her eyes at me and look at me like I was "dumb." She was always trying to nitpick about everything during an exam (practical) We have 3-4 tests with one professor and we rotate them after. She was NOT my fist professor I worked with. I figured my grades are fairly good and I want to get through it and just pass the class. The way the program works is that once if you fail this class you are not able to be reapply for this program at this school. My grades were in the 80s and 90s. With this professor I got 40s and 60s. I needed an 85 on my final exam. My previous tests were 92 and 100. I spoke to the testing professor (not this one) and I prepared based on her grading method. It was changed to the professor that failed me right before the test. She made me feel highly uncomfortable and you could tell that she was going to fail me. Passing grade is a 75. I received at 73. Most of the things she took points off for were not even errors! I did have a few. She asked about the color of the glasses my patient was wearing (dark glasses so that my patient is comfortable) Everyone was wearing them and we were required to purchase them before semester began. How can she make such a hostile environment during an exam?! My hands were shaking, I could barely breathe. Her grades that she gave me were 39, 65 and 73. The rest of my grades are 80s and 90s. It's not fair. Every time I had a question for her she would roll her eyes at me. Other professors would work with you and explain how to work an instrument or perform a procedure. When I had my patient there she deliberately hurt him just to prove I was wrong. He had to go do a dentist afterwards. I spent many nights crying and practicing just to get better. I was not supposed to have that professor last minute administer the exam. My section was the ONLY section that they did the switch of professors for final exam. Even if they wanted the original professor to test, she's not the professor who tested me. Please advise what to do. I got kicked out of the program because of her. Do I have a case?
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Vane 2 years, 11 months ago

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Cherry 2 years, 11 months ago

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Melva 2 years, 11 months ago

LisaOctober 8, 2012I'll be there with you trormoow night. Ive got my patho exam trormoow (technically today) .seriously, no joke, totally unprepared for this exam coz its all short answer I've got all my prayer networks activated, this is going to need a moses parting the red sea sized miracle lol! But as hubby has been reminding me, God made our body so I've got the inside word on how it should function! Happy reading

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